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KUMEGER OLGA   -   the author of video-paint performance, computer graphics artist, teacher of computer graphics... Olga Kumeger's work roots in the interdisciplinary studies of new computer technology and theatre performance. This is reflected in her projects, in which art and technology are equally interwoven.. Computer-painting and interactive video-art together with musicians, dancers and performers, as well as spaces, objects and sculptures build the artistic foundation of Olga Kumeger's work...... Characteristic of her interactive shows and performances are the use of unique lighting effects and projections.







ARCHIVEs 1999 -2010



in croce

(scenography for organ concert)






Virtual gallery

Jerzy & Petrucho
Even more visual poetry




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Human Interactivity

color > symbol >sound


ñòàòüè text_russ



3D graphics course

internet graphics course


Textbook (russ)

Multitheatre mix

2009 - "Kurye Uluslararas, Video Festival" Festival of the modern art in Istanbul
"Visions in New York City Festival" - Festival of animation in New York (a series of animation works)
Scenography for the organ concert

A series of animation works
scenography for concert " above the earth " by D.Shapovalov
UNIDRAM festival, Potsdam
"Negative Modulations" Venice music biennale, the project with Dmitry Kourlandsky,
"postdance" installation on Night of museum., ArtPlay gallery, Moscow

august __Cinema festival in Sevastopol __" windscapes"
4 April___" windscapes" with Tilmann Dehnhard / moscow biennale of performing art:

2 April___The joint project with Russian organist Lyudmila Golub " In croce " / / moscow biennale of performing art:

27 March __DOM__combined musicians team concert, part of "play japan" project
15 March " The lullaby to Moscow " Film of directors Michael Kaufmana and Ilya Kopalina "Moscow" // moscow biennale of performing art:
The Moscow Ensemble of Modern Music
music: Jury Kasparov, Cyril Umansky, Anton Sofronov, Dmitry Kurljandsky

11 March __"WINDSCAPES"with Tilmann Dehnhard on "LINOLEUM" videoart festival
8 March ___ combined musicians team concert___MMDM (theatre hall)
9Feb, " Light and a sound " a cycle of concerts with electronic scenography in MMDM, Skryabin and composers of XX century

26 august "White night" festival in Riga
1-8august "Balaklava Odyssey" festival in Sevastopol, the project with Marta Ladjansky (Hungary)
15-17 may, -preparation of a performance for fest "Balaklav'sOdyssey" in Sevastopol
17 may - opening of festival "Hague" MMDM
24 apr COLOR->SIMBOL->SOUND perform MMDM (fond of Moscow government support)
12 apr COLOR->SIMBOL->SOUND perform DOM
6 apr _videopoetry perfrorm…DOM (mamacash-fond suppoted)
17 march "Red Liquid"performance. club "Fabric"
24feb(postponed) musik performance "goodbye Mozart!"

7dec perform for "time-out"
magasin birthday party

CECAtsLink residence in USA
10 Okt.- 19 Nov. New York - San Diego - Los Angeles - New York

9-11 Sept_Novosibirsk
16-18 Sept_Ekaterinburg
23-25 Sept_Ufa
30-1 Sept_Samara
7-9 Okt_Nijny Novgorod

3 September -Hoefgen fest__
15 August – “liquid Monday” concert in Berlin
june «Traumzeit» festival Duisburg, Germany
Einstein festival Potsdam - april
night of museums festival Berlin – January

20 august - Human Interactivity on
24.04 Citi_Zen on XIX International festival of the modern art of N.Roslavtsa and N.Gabo inBrjansk (Russia).
12-15.04 computer graphicscourse in ProArte
institute SPetersburg
17.04 "brain extention" SPetersburg Pushkinskaja 10
20- 02.02 Stuttgart, Minden, Sigmaringen, Tubingen, Essen "Berlin_Moscow" project
17.01.04 Moscow "There was the sun " dom v ovchinnikovskom
4 Dec __Moscow _Rakhmaninovsky hall (conservatory) "Hymns"
25 Nov ___Munich + 20 Stehplatze
Human Interactivity
10-11 oct. The international festival Telovidinie_ (Moscow, Meerhold Centre)
5 oct. Festival of the European dance (Moscow. Theatre of contemporary piece, Sretenka )

21 Sept_ Moscow , Club na Brestskoi(200-09-36) - Human Interactivity
19 Spt- light-rout-festival
-Lüdenscheid (Germany)- Human Interactivity
8-12 July - International theatre festival Arena in Erlangen (Germany)

19 July - festival of contemporary art- Moscow - Bolotnaja Ploshad
27 June - International multimedia festival "Mediaforum" Moscow
11 April - International festival of contemporary Art in Brjansk
14 Feb - performance on "Multividenie" fest in Petersburg
16-17 December - Citi_zen performance in Center National de la Dance
8 November - "Yellow Sound" Kandinsky / Snitke. Moscow conservatory, Dom kompozitora
5 September - interactive performance on "Four walls" by Cage . Moscow conservatory
12-23 June June - rehearsals of Citi_zen performance in Center National de la Dance
2 Feb. 02 - the premiere of the performance "Yellow sound" on Kandinsky libretto
...on Shnitke/Schonberg music in S-Petersburg kappella.
16 Desember 01 - performance on dance fest Tseh (Moscow, theatre of nations)
2-5 November 01- taked part in the play "Woyzeck" (Seoul, Hoam Art Hall)
1 november - the demonstration & lecture in Total museum, Seoul
25-29oktober 01- performance on Seoul Performing Art festival /dance&tecnology department,
27 september 01- performance on Moscow International Multimedia Art Festival
5-9 sept 01 - participation in a theatre project in New Opera-House, Moscow
23-27 July 01 - international fest Media Forum, Moscow
23 April 01 -performance on VIII international Festival "Moscow Forum"

21April, 2001 performance on SKIF-5 (The 5th Sergey Kuryokhin International Festival, St.Petersburg, Russia)
19 January 01 - performance in club "iron flute" Moscow
10 November 00 - performance
on CYNETArt Dresden
8-9 December 00 - performance on ISEA Paris (International Symposium of Electronic Art) Center National de la Dance

14-16 December 00 – performance on MDDF (international Monaco dance danse forum)