Producers: Center National de la Dance & Theorem Group
author/computergraphics artist: Olga Kumeger
dancers: Andrey Andrianov, Oleg Soulimenko, Buzovkina Daria
composer: Andrey Dergachev

It is a computer-based performance of real-time interactive videoart and computer-painting/animation on moving bodies of dancers and other objects.
Unique mechanisms of image creation, special optic lighting effects are used in the performance. Author's method constructs interactive spatial fine-arts stories,
painting environment for artist improvisation and it is unique situation when environment became initial core and connecting-link of performance.
The person contacts with symbols and produces new symbols and his actions on the stage are connected with eternal themes of human state: lying, moving, traveling in a context of city.
The basic idea of the performance is the representation about city as about some special place saturated with electric symbols and phantoms of multimedia
accompanying a person all life in this environment.
The project deals with the problems of society of illusions, culture of neon signs.

The performance is a general composition developing in time of dance and in connection with dance.
Dancers move (improvise) in a projection of city their movements are accompanied by signs and painting. Dancers emanate symbols/images.