series of the performances with incorporated
interactive computer painting, videoart, lasers technique.
research in sphere of new computer technologies, methods, computer graphics for using its
in new interactive performance scenography
Collaboration with composers, programmers, dancers.

Olga Kumeger - Author and coordinator of ComputerPaint-Dance-ART project, computer graphics artist


Paint-Dance-ART unique human interactive computer based performances of real-time computer-paint on moving bodies of dancers and other objects. This is the method that allow to create improvisation picturesque space.
February 2000 - premiere of "VIDEOSYNKRASIS" performance
10 November 00 - performance on CYNETArt Dresden
8-9 December 00 - performance on ISEA (International Symposium of Electronic Art)
Paris / Center de la Danse
14-16 December 00 performance on MDDF (international Monaco dance danse forum)
21April, 01 - performance on SKIF-5 (The 5th Sergey Kuryokhin International Festival, St.Petersburg, Russia)
23 April 01 - performance on VIIIinternational Festival "Moscow Forum"
27 september 01- performance on Moscow International Multimedia Art Festival
25-29oktober 01- performance on Seoul Performing Art festival /dance&tecnology department,
2-5 November 01- taked part in the play "Woyzeck" (Seoul, Hoam Art Hall)
1 november - the demonstration & lecture in Total museum, Seoul

16 Desember 01 - performance on dance fest Tseh (Moscow, theatre of nations)
2 Feb. 02 -
the premiere of the performance "Yellow sound" on Kandinsky libretto ...on Shnitke/Schonberg music in S-Petersburg kappella.

It is unique situation when environment became initial core and connecting-link of performance. It is a kind of the live organism, made of light, color, lines, spots, sign of time, videopoetry, videoart, the filling and flexibility of the body.
The idea of the performance is an alive interactive improvisation.

During some years, creating cartoons, it was impossible to get rid of the sense of mummification of a ready film. Probably everyone knows this feeling, when the same image is perceived absolutely in another way in different moments of life, situations, mood, currents, pulsation not depending upon human wish and will.
It became one of the reasons of creation of the performance as alive process connected with these pulsations. For this reason every performance practically is unique and exists only in this point of time and space, and requires the special condition of simultaneous concentration and slackness, condition allowing to perceive what pulsations and to follow them (such as shamanism, with use of modern equipment).
There is a hope of returning to sources of comprehension oneself in this world.

pr0jects in progress & videosynkrasys
....performances with use of new method that allow to create improvisation picturesque space. In other words through the instrumentality of this technology it is possible to paint (decorate) all what is in space of a stage directly during representation and according to what occurs on the stage.
This method was named as spatial painting in real time This method is in process of patenting.