MUSICAL MULT-i-THEATRE (project-in-progress )
Multimedia Theatre - is synthesis process where music, painting, dance are united by projection electronic scenography

There are several musical projects in plans,
The projects combined by contemporary conception of art styles.

The Ideas of classic and vanguard art help to construct new visual scenarios for the scenography.
It is one of the ways where new technologies are looking for it's own language.

"Baroque Game" project>>>>>

The project interprets ideas and symbols of baroque through multimedia
e.g. machinery vs "celestial mechanics" - baroque epoch gave regenerated science which seamless integrated with unknown…

...But it looks like the most symbols and metaphors of those times were distorted to unrecognizableness, and society still can't overcome trivial- rational understanding of universe.


Virtual NOh

Animation personages dance they stories about transformations and metamorphosis with life music by musicians located on stage in a projection (so, in that way musicians become the personages of cartoons or animation's characters try to leave a screen? :)


ARHIV of musical projects

organ conserts


yellow sound