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e_d0066.jpg (3387 bytes) Jerzy and Petrucho - who are they ?
First of all they are names, they are the same as
names "water", "stown", "law". Storys about them follow the same eternal line of "tales around the bonfire".
After the laps of two thousand years we, essentially, continue to seat around the same bonfire, although we learned how to obtain water from a tap and electricity from a socket. The main names are not subjected to changes.
Sounds and names give birth to each other and again fade away in silence. We simply had found a way to our "inner Artek" and continue walking without luggage, keeping each other in sight.
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Kumeger Olga  is an author of computer graphics, where the characters were 2D at first .
Now, they are real  three-dimensional and they have already begun to move and to live in space of the fairy tales.

The project was born in 1997 and proceeds in present.. It is original, modern, urban fairy tales. Urban is not in sense of a place of action, but created by urban mind with its congestion by the information and sense, aspiration to simplicity...........

Andrey Andrianov (Saira Blanch Theatre) - textual improvisations

Andrey Dergachov - record of the texts, installation, music, item of information.

Kumeger Olga - the author of computer graphics