Projection installation/performance
"Shadows of Theatre"
the author - O.Kumeger

…The idea of the name of the installation had come from Plato: ~ a person's perception is attempt of imagination to construct an integral image of objects, when the person see only shadows of the objects on walls..
One of symbols of Theatre is the "theatre of shadows"..- any image on a stage is only a projection which somehow connects with a reality, but these connections need to be constructed in the imagination

(In this meaning - a "shadows of theatre" means shadows of shadows.. of shadows…
which encourage a spectator to imagine a many-dimensional invisibility and maybe to get X-ray vision at last :+))




The projecting installation is based on so-called projection-techniques of 3D mapping

Movements of transformation of characters in a video-projection in this technique are closely related to the form of the building on which they are projected, they interact with forms of walls on which they pass, leaving traces, signs….

The purpose of application of this technology - to transform a building or an environment into unusual alive object
There is a lot of technologies of 3D mapping, but the primary goal is the art-composition
The artist thinks out not simply animation history,
It is a history of object's transformation through time, synchronized with music