Course of 3Dimensional computer graphics modeling and animation,
nonlinear montage.
AdobePremiere, PhotoShop, CorelDraw.
Teacher - Olga Kumeger

Information about every aspect of 3D Studio MAX and about specificity of such fine arts tool, as computer graphics is in the program of the course.
Introduction to 3D MAX . Interface of program.

The first rules of creation of a stage: Geometry, Lights, Cameras.
About study of composition method in parallel with study of tools of the 3D program.

The elementary geometrical forms and their symbolism. Change of characteristics of a form depending on a situation in stage, illumination, material.
The bases of geometrical modeling: Standard Primitives, Extended Primitives, Compound Object.

Flat geometrical compositions. Here constructions of compositions are considered on an example of works of the author and on the vivid examples of classical compositions created by artists of constructivism, suprematism.
The representations from area of psychology about perception of the geometrical forms are adapted in the course.

Shapes as Planar Objects
Splines: Line, Rectangle, Circle, Ellipse, Arc, Donut, etc.

Transformation of flat compositions in volumetric compositions. The description of tools of creation of volumetric compositions. New properties got by compositions at occurrence of volume. The architectural propaedeutics method is used in the tasks .

Tools of volumetric modeling in «Create Panels» and «Modify Panels»: Loft Object, Lathe Modifier, Extrude Modifier.
Compositions with use of any volumes and letters.
Examples and recommendations for creation of effective volumetric inscriptions.
Complex compound compositions, realistic objects, still life. Using available, beforehand of created objects in volumetric compositions - still life, landscapes.
Creation of the characters, masks.
Character Studio Module.
The work with the basic tools used at creation of educational models is described in the course : Create Panel Modify Panel Material Editor Rendering Environment Space Warp Participial Systems Animation, Motion panel etc......


The skill to work in environment Windows95 (98) is necessary, it is desirable a minimal acquaintance to some applications (Word, PaintBrush) It is desirable to use e-mail, since the additional advises from the teacher in intervals between lessons on electronic mail will be possible.